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    The Hunt For Toilet Paper

    Here’s what I know about where one can find toilet paper these days…I have one promising lead!

    It was Tuesday, March 10, 2020, when I realized what was to come for Georgia and the rest of the country. While everyone was comfy at their desks at my office in Vinings, I left abruptly. I didn’t shut my computer down. I don’t even think I grabbed my jacket. I recall talking to my friends on the Marco Polo app around that time. I shared that the country was about to shut down and that I would be getting ahead of the crowd. Of course, they thought I was nuts. I called my husband and exclaimed that I had to leave work to make it to the grocery store. He was not amused. I am ALWAYS “overreacting”. I’m the type who stores her cell phones in a ziplock bag when there is a threat of tornados or thunderstorms. I mean I sleep in the hallway near my duck and cover room. Squirrel! Focus Tori!

    Where was I? Oh right…Kroger! I pushed my cart through the doors of the Kroger on Atlanta Road like I was on an episode of Guy’s Grocery Games—a Food Network cooking show that sends chefs running through the grocery store looking for ingredients for their secret ingredient dishes! It was in the produce section when I noticed that it was “all good”. No one was in the store at noon. I took a deep breath and then wondered what everyone would think about me. “Whatever”, I thought. I made to the checkout line barely able to push my cart. It was loaded with water, canned goods, snacks and anything else I thought we would need.

    I left there and headed over to the Cumberland Mall Costco. Now, I buy in bulk on a normal day, so my behavior there was typical. I grabbed two packs of toilet paper and 2 packs of paper towels. I also grabbed a large bottle of Lysol and a refillable bleach situation. When I got home, my husband and kids gave me the “here she goes again” look, but I was unapologetic as my daughter loaded the pantry with the 4 bottles of crunchy peanut butter that I purchased. At the time, I wasn’t as much concerned about COVID-19 as I was a shortage of essentials. You know how we are in Atlanta. When 1/4 inch of snow is forecasted we lose our minds.

    Well long story long, despite my efforts to get ahead of the inevitable, today I find myself running low on toilet paper and other essentials that we buy on a normal day. I have one reliable lead to share, but you must promise to keep it a secret!


    Costco Wholesale

    2900 Cumberland Mall, Atlanta, GA 30339

    (770) 431-1700 

    Call at 7:00 AM sharp and select Option “1”. That will get you to the store administrator. Ask the administrator if they have toilet paper in stock or if they are expecting a truck. If the answer is yes, head over to the store. Their posted open times are between 9:30 am – 10:00 am, but they open the doors earlier most days. They have been getting about 50-100 units with their deliveries. That’s not many considering the circumstances, so save your spot in line. In addition to that, you can call during the day as they get unexpected deliveries.

    Additional information: On Tuesdays-Thursdays the opening hour is reserved for seniors citizens. You must also be a Costco member. Costco memberships range from $60 to $120. 


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